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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance
Every business that uses cars, vans or trucks should have Commercial Auto Insurance. This goes to both small and large businesses. Premier Choice Insurance offers a policy that properly covers commercial auto.

What It Is
Commercial vehicle insurance is different from your personal auto policy. As the names suggest, the former covers vehicles used for business purposes, while the latter only covers personal vehicles. This might be an obvious difference, but a lot of people still think that having a personal auto policy would cut it for the business. If you own a business, especially if it involves using vehicles, you should get a separate commercial auto policy. Depending on the type of policy and the coverage, this insurance covers cars, trucks, vans or even large fleet.

What Does It Cover
Commercial auto insurance offers similar coverage as personal auto policy, such as medical payments, comprehensive, personal injury protection, collision, liability and even uninsured motorist. However, the two might differ in terms of limits, exclusions, definitions and eligibility.

Why Do You Need This Insurance
As already discussed, having a personal auto policy is not enough. In fact, it does not cover the vehicles officially used for your business. As a business owner, regardless of how small or big your business is, it is to your advantage to get commercial auto policy. It always helps you and your business to be insured. As the saying goes, it is always best to prepare for the rainy days.

If you’re looking for a company whom you can trust when it comes to these things, look no further. Premier Choice Insurance is here. We provide premier commercial auto insurance at the best rates. Check us out for a quote or give us a call to make arrangements, and we’ll discuss about your needs and concerns.

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